2021 Girl Defined Conference

REGISTER: www.girldefined.com/conference

Join us for the 2021 Annual Girl Defined Conference! 

Following Jesus as a modern Christian girl can sometimes feel like an uphill climb. With so much pressure to conform to cultural norms and popular trends, it’s hard to live out your faith each day. How do you stand for truth when nobody else is standing with you? How do you swim against the current without losing heart and giving up?

That’s why you need to stay connected to the source of truth and power. By staying rooted in your relationship with Christ, you’ll have the daily strength you need to live boldly as a girl defined by God.

At GirlDefined ‘21 you will discover what it means to courageously live for Christ and how to have full confidence in your identity as His daughter.

We’ll be unpacking popular questions such as:

Where does my identity come from?
How do I live out my identity as a girl defined by God?
Why does shining bright for Christ even matter?
How do I live boldly when I’m being canceled and ridiculed?
And much more…

We hope you’ll grab your sisters and friends and join us for this powerful 2-day conference as we learn how to embrace our true identity in Christ and shine bright for Him together. This event is geared toward girls and women ages 13-30. Moms are welcome to attend.


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