2-in-1 ice facial kit depuffs and exfoliates

The Love & Pebble Beauty Pops Cryo-Facial Mask Kit combines ice rolling and a natural face mask. The face mask has papaya, turmeric, banana, and aloe vera. It’s mixed with water and then put in the freezer. It claims to de-puff, shrink pores, calm acne, reduce redness, fight wrinkles, hydrate, and promote blood circulation. Insider producer Celia Skvaril tried the kit herself to see if it would brighten and depuff her face. She spoke to dermatologist Mitalee Christman who said that it’s unlikely that it will live up to all of the claims, but can specifically be good for brightening and depuffing.

Check out the Love & Pebble Beauty Pops Cryo-Facial Mask Kit here:
Love & Pebble Beauty Pops Cryo-Facial Mask Kit, $46

Check out the microscope here:
Celestron Deluxe Handheld Digital Microscope, $72.48

See more from Dr. Christman here:

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