12 Days of Performance: Theo Adams Company – NOWNESS

To see out 2018 with a bang we’ve brought together some of our favorite dancers, musicians, movers, and shakers to share their genre-breaking powers in a new series of capsule performances directed by NOWNESS’ own creative director Bunny Kinney.

We’ll be releasing a new film each day for twelve days, holding a mirror up to the diverse creative worlds we’ve explored over the past twelve months.

A handful of performers from the anarchic Theo Adams Company—a London-based collective of artists, dancers, designers and all manner of mavericks and misfits—participate in an ensemble elegy in this exclusive live rehearsal captured on camera. Catch a glimpse of one of their polished shows, the frenzied restaurant-focused Choreomania.

“We’re celebrating true craft and talent in a joyful way,” says Bunny Kinney about 12 Days of Performance. “Each film is a small, simple portrait of an artist or ensemble performing an improvised work. We asked everyone to just let go and do their thing, and each of them worked with us on the overall creative direction of their video—which will be brought together into one final, collaborative film.”

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