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“I Dump Your Ass”, Eleven – Stranger Things 3 (1080P)

T-Shirt Store:- (50% OFF) —————————————————————————— This is a small clip from the popular Tv Show Stranger Things. Stranger Things Cast ; 1. Winona Ryder […]

“Not Being a Cannibal is a Crime” – The 100 [1080p]

T-Shirt Store :- (50% OFF) —————————————————————————— This is a small clip from the popular Tv Show The 100. The 100 Cast ; 1. Christopher […]

‘We are International Busnessmen’ (How I Met Your Mother)

If need to contact – Facebook page - Fair use of Copyrighted Policy. If there is any video that you need to be taken […]

10 Best Musician Cameos of All Time on TV (@Cinematica)

Popular TV shows are known for their gratuitous cameos, and what’s better than a movie star appearing on the silver screen? A musician, of course! […]

10 Facts About Halloween Town

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10 Facts about iCarly

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10 Facts About KC Undercover

Today we list off things you didn’t know about KC Undercover – Sorry for the early upload I will not have internet tomorrow so… Check […]

10 Interesting Facts About Wizards Of Waverly Place

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10 Lessons Harry Potter Taught Us! (@Cinematica)

Take the Cinematica survey: Harry Potter wasn’t just a series about magic, friendship, and the ultimate battle of good vs. evil. It was also […]

107 Alice Through the Looking Glass Facts YOU Should Know (@Cinematica)

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107 Arrested Development Facts You Should Know! | Cinematica

Arrested Development season 5 has just hit Netflix and here at cinimatic thought, we go back to when it all started. So we are bringing […]

107 Avengers: Age Of Ultron Facts You Should Know! | Cinematica

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has been around for at least 10 years and brought 18 amazing movies including the recently released Avengers Infinity war, so […]