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LoveSick: First Love

“You never forget your first love; it’s an emotional rollercoaster that stays with you for the rest of your life,” says director Mees Peijnenburg of […]

KOKOKO!: Tokoliana – NOWNESS

German filmmaker and artist Markus Hofko turns his lens on the Democratic Republic of Congo in this vibrant and fast-moving video for electro band KOKOKO!—a […]

First Came The Light

First Came The Light documents a month of summer shenanigans among friends in northwest Montana. Fatigued from quarantined city life, we set out for Big […]

A Taste of Los Angeles

For the fourth episode of our independent “A Taste of …” time lapse series we travelled for 13 days to Los Angeles to bring you […]

MUSEUM : a skateboarder at the Louvre, a ballet dancer at the Musée d’Orsay (Official Video)

A love story between a ballet dancer and a Parisian skateboarder in empty French museums. The union of two bodies in motion through time and […]

BIG IDEAS – ‘The American Dream’

“In times of war or peace the United States will gladly pay a man to fail should his heart be in it, a small shimmering […]

Scenes: Mexico City Punk – NOWNESS

An immersive portrait of the punk community in Mexico City, featuring music from local acts Rabia, Pueblos Muertos, and all-female group Malaria. Read more on […]

Kart Kids – NOWNESS

American-German artist Chris Kippenberger’s ongoing project Kart Kids chronicles the high-stakes world of German go-kart racing. Kippenberger says, “It’s an extended study not only of […]

Photographers in Focus: Diana Markosian

‘Santa Barbara’ (Aperture, 2020) is also the name of the debut monograph from Diana Markosian that charts her family’s dramatic upheaval from Russia to the […]

Pinki Rings: Guns in the Club – NOWNESS

Danish filmmaker and music composer Lasse Martinussen captures a mysterious sorority in this brooding video for his band Pinki Rings—a partnership with Persian singer Sahar […]

Sri Lanka with friends

My last holidays before lockdown in March 2020. Last moments of joy and recklessness with my dear italian friends. These lovely people are the last […]

Je viens

“Between the desert peaks and the wild plains, Itinerary of the man alone; poisoned, in love, alive.” I invite you on the trails of Tignes […]