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IT’S HERE! The NK65 Randomfrankp Edition keyboard is something I am so excited to launch, giving you guys the option between the thickest of the […]

Room Tour Project 225 – BEST Gaming Setups!

Gaming setups SEO desk setups SEO search terms desk gaming setup setup setup…what? — Robert B — LG 38” Monitor: Corsair K95 Platinum Keyboard: […]

Room Tour Project 223 – Clean & Minimal Setups!

X gon give it to ya. And by “X” I mean me, and by “it” I mean clean and minimal desk setups. — MrThaiBox123 — […]

Razer Made Gaming Gum….lol

So Razer made some gaming gum…yes that’s right gaming gum, this isn’t a joke. Check out the unboxing and taste test! • Buy it here: […]

I was WRONG about the Razer Basilisk Ultimate

Man, I should have checked out the Basilisk Ultimate gaming mouse earlier. As a G502 lover, this feels right at home but is lighter, has […]

Room Tour Project 222 – BEST Gaming Setups!

This video is sponsored by ASUS, powered by NVIDIA GeForce RTX. Click to learn more about ASUS Graphics Card! — 3y3con — MSI 34” Ultrawide: […]

My Favorite Tech of the Month!

I buy a lot of stuff for myself to enjoy behind the channel, so I figured I’d show you some of my favorite tech of […]

Me Trashing a Product for 7 Minutes.

The PowerSpot is terrible, but it’s the thought that counts right? • Check it out: • Follow me on Twitter! • Join our […]

Room Tour Project 205 – BEST Gaming Setups!

Gaming setups? Yes, gaming setups. Setups gaming? No. This episode is sponsored by Corsair: — Matt S — RGB Light Strip: LG 34” […]

Elgato Wave 1 & 3 Microphone Review + Mic Test!

The Elgato Wave 1 and Wave 3 microphones are here with something cool up their sleeve. Check them out in this review and full mic […]

Room Tour Project 204 – BEST Gaming Setups!

This episode is sponsored by Corsair: Today lads, we’re here to show off some setups. That’s what we do. — BasicJunglist — Herman Miller […]

Room Tour Project 230 – Clean & Minimal Setups!

It’s everyones favorite episode to wake up to, RTP with fresh clean & minimal desk setup. This is also sponsored by Corsair: — Michael […]