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10 Cool Tech Under $50 for 2019 – Holiday Edition!

With the Holidays here, check out the best of the year in this top 10 Cool Tech Under $50 video from 2019! 10. RGB Hexagon […]

10 Years of Data Appears to Show Black Hole Eating a Star

Gizmodo reports that a newly published study reveals what seems to have happened when a star met a black hole at the center of two […]

16 inventions getting us off fossil fuels and into renewable energy

Much of the world’s energy comes from non-renewable energy sources. These inventions are innovating our energy consumption and paving a greener path.

4G LTE Speed Test vs 3G on Galaxy S3

Samsung Galaxy S3 4G LTE Speed Test vs 3G demo at Orange / T Mobile Everything Everywhere event. Network speeds in the UK YouTube video, […]

5 Tips to Mod & Improve Your Razer Huntsman Mini Keyboard

Today we’ve got some Razer Huntsman Mini keyboard mods to dampen the sound and make it a better build overall. Cha dig? • Huntsman Mini […]

7 ways Apple makes its keynote presentations so engaging

Before we get a new iPhone, we get an Apple keynote. Apple’s keynotes have been an essential part of their brand for over 20 years. […]