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10 Cool Tech Under $50 for 2019 – Holiday Edition!

With the Holidays here, check out the best of the year in this top 10 Cool Tech Under $50 video from 2019! 10. RGB Hexagon […]

Cool Tech Under $50 – October!

It’s time for some new cool tech gadgets under $50!!! 🔥 PocketGo: 🔥 Analog Audio Interface: 🔥 Digital Audio Interface: 🔥 Bone […]

Revisiting Razer’s FIRST Gaming Mouse & Keyboard!

The Razer Boomslang was the first “gaming” mouse in 1999, then came the Razer Tarantula in 2006. Let’s check them both out today! •Follow me […]

My Dream ITX Case makes me drool.

The Thorzone Mjolnir ITX case is fuggin awesome. Let’s check out the prototype and get a beast build going! • Mjolnir Case: • Micro […]

New HyperX TKL Keyboard is seriously good, but….

The new HyperX Alloy Origins Core TKL keyboard with Aqua mechanical switches is an awesome keyboard for the price. However, there is 1 major flaw […]

Room Tour Project 218 – Clean & Minimal Setups!

Check out some clean & minimal desk setups and sip that coffee. — — Insta: ASUS 27” 144Hz Monitor: Logitech G810 Keyboard: […]

Room Tour Project 210 – BEST Desk Setups!

I really appreciate you all and your support, videos will resume this week. Now, enjoy your dosage of RTP. — Ben S — ASUS 27” […]

Room Tour Project 203 – Clean & Minimal Setups!

Time for the m i n i m a l b o i i s — Jerome V — Acer Predator X34 Monitor: Tofu […]

Room Tour Project 216 – Clean & Minimal Setups!

If you dont love me at my clean, you dont deserve me at my minimal. — Stylesofman — Kanto Monitor Arm: Dyson LightCycle […]

NZXT H1 Case – PC Build w/ Ryzen 3950X & RTX 2080 Ti

The new NZXT H1 small form factor case is here and PHEW is it something. Let’s do a full gaming build in the super compact […]

CRAZIEST Gaming Monitor Yet! Samsung Odyssey G9 49" Monitor Review

Out all the gaming monitors I’ve tried, nothing is even close to the Samsung Odyssey G9. At 49″ with a 5120 x 1440p, 240Hz refresh […]

Room Tour Project 219 – BEST Gaming Setups!

Room Tour Project is here to give your brain some gaming setup mind explosions. This episode is sponsored by the Elgato Wave 3: — […]