Why Every ENGAGED COUPLE Needs to Get Premarital Counseling

Most Christians get married assuming that their marriage will last a lifetime. But sadly, many modern couples find themselves wrecked by divorce before they even […]

Dear Single Sister, DON'T SETTLE!

You’re a Christian single woman, and you’re beginning to wonder if your boundaries and expectations are just too high. Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad to marry the […]

When you've tried everything… #shorts #stevenfurtick #elevationnights

When you’ve tried everything and nothing is working, it’s time to recognize your need for the only One who can do something about it. #shorts […]

The Cost Of Going Off | Pastor Robert Madu | Elevation Church

Put your passion in the right place. In “The Cost Of Going Off,” Pastor Robert Madu of Social Dallas church reveals how our misplaced anger […]

The HIGHS & LOWS of our Marriage with David & Bethany

We’ve been married for 3.5 years. Most of our relationship was shared for you online. We invited you into the journey and live streamed our […]

Escaping from Ukraine at 9 Months Pregnant (w/ Ellissa Petrenko)

Our sister, Ellissa Petrenko, shares her entire story for the first time of how she escaped from Ukraine when Russia first invaded. At 9 months […]

Hit decline on the devil. #shorts #stevenfurtick

Just because the devil is trying to get your attention doesn’t mean you have to listen. This is an excerpt from “The Facts Aren’t Final.” […]

The Facts Aren't Final | Pastor Steven Furtick | Elevation Church

April 24, 2022 Pastor Steven Furtick Elevation Church Keep the faith. In “The Facts Aren’t Final,” we’re reminded that, even when it seems like the […]

Did We Ever Like the Same Guy at the Same Time??

As sisters who are less than two years apart in age, we’ve always been each other’s greatest encouragement and greatest competition. :O A popular question […]

Where God Reveals His Greatest Love #shorts #stevenfurtick

It is often in your lowest moments that you will experience God’s love like never before. This is an excerpt from “Life After The Let […]

Life After The Let Down | Pastor Steven Furtick | Elevation Church

April 17, 2022 Pastor Steven Furtick Elevation Church In “Life After The Let Down,” we’re reminded how powerful God’s grace is — even after we’ve […]

Bethany’s Story of Loss & Heartbreak Over the Past Year

I never imagined I’d be sharing a story like this one. It’s crazy to think that I finished writing a book on trusting God just […]