Declining An Invitation From The Enemy #shorts #stevenfurtick

Just because you receive an invitation from the enemy does not mean you have to accept it. This is an excerpt from “It’s Your Door.” […]

It's Your Door | Pastor Steven Furtick | Elevation Church

How are you defending what God gave you? In “It’s Your Door,” Pastor Steven teaches us the importance of putting practices in place that will […]

Scrolling leads to surface level judgments. #shorts #stevenfurtick

We all skim and scroll, but have you stopped to realize the impact it has on your perspective? This is an excerpt from “Deeper Than […]

Deeper Than You Think | Pastor Steven Furtick | Elevation Church

God wants to deal with our problems at the root. In “Deeper Than You Think,” Pastor Steven Furtick shows us that God’s power at work […]

That won't make you happy. #shorts #stevenfurtick

The hallucination of worldly happiness is this: “When I get there, I’ll finally be happy.” It is a lie. This is an excerpt from “The […]

Shake it off! #shorts #stevenfurtick

You have to learn how to do this if you want to survive the storms of life. This is an excerpt from “It Had To […]

The Humility Gap | Lisa Harper | Elevation Church

True humility isn’t about acknowledging what we lack, but acknowledging God’s ability to do more. In “The Humility Gap” guest speaker Lisa Harper teaches us […]

Pray this against discouragement. #shorts #stevenfurtick

You can pray against discouragement in your life. Don’t let the devil keep lying to you. This is an excerpt from “Don’t Waste Your Angel.” […]

This Doesn’t Fit | Dr. Dharius Daniels | Elevation Church

God wants to use what makes you different. In “This Doesn’t Fit,” Dr. Dharius Daniels of Change Church reminds us how God can use what […]

You don't have to find your calling. #shorts #stevenfurtick

Be set free today from the feeling that you need to find your calling. Just serve the purpose of the season you are in right […]

One Life | Pastor Jabin Chavez | Elevation Church

God wants your “yes.” In “One Life,” Pastor Jabin Chavez of City Life Church reminds us that when we submit our plans and problems to […]

God's hand is on you. #shorts #stevenfurtick

If you find yourself under attack today, know that the hand of God is on you and He has a plan. This is an excerpt […]