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Jaws vs. Jurassic Park | Rotten Tomatoes

It’s Spielberg against Spielberg, Williams against Williams, and beast against beasts in our latest episode of ‘Vs.’, in which we take two of the greatest […]

Supernatural vs. Scooby-Doo | Rotten Tomatoes

Got a ghost problem? A rogue vampire keeping you up at night? A spawn of Satan disturbing your peace? If so, there are two teams […]

Everything We Know About ‘Dune’ | Rotten Tomatoes

‘Blade Runner 2049’ director Denis Villeneuve is adapting Frank Herbert’s legendary novel ‘Dune’ for the big screen! How different will his version be from David […]

Friends vs. The Office | Rotten Tomatoes

Are you a Rachel or a Monica? A Michael or a Dwight? Or – dear god no – maybe you’re a… Creed? Few modern sitcoms […]

Who is the Best Batman? | Rotten Tomatoes

With Robert Pattinson stepping into the bat suit for 2021’s ‘The Batman,’ we’re looking back Dark Knight’s past to answer one of superhero-dom’s biggest questions: […]

Who Will Christian Bale Play in ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’? | Rotten Tomatoes

Christian Bale is signed on to play the villain in ‘Thor: Love & Thunder’! So, who will he play? Naz Perez dives into the comic […]

First Look at the NEW Batmobile, ‘Invisible Man’ Saves the Dark Universe, & More | Weekly Ketchup

With the success of ‘The Invisible Man’, will Universal finally launch a successful Dark Universe? What does the reveal of the new Batmobile tell us […]

Nicolas Cage vs. John Travolta | Rotten Tomatoes

It’s an all-out B-movie star brawl in the latest edition of ‘Vs.’ – yes, the Bs! – as Nicolas Cage and John Travolta come together […]

Fans’ Most Anticipated Movies & TV in 2020 | Weekly Ketchup

2020 has many highly-anticipated movies and TV shows on the horizon. Do you know what you’ll be watching in the coming months? Join Naz Perez, […]

Jurassic World: Dominion, Sonic the Hedgehog Sequel, Golden Tomato Awards & More | Weekly Ketchup

Jurassic World 3 just got a new title, Sonic the Hedgehog may have a sequel on the way, and the votes are in on who […]

Chris Pratt, Tom Holland Compare Onward’s Emotional Power to the End of Avengers: Endgame

Pixar’s Onward is a suburban fantasy adventure about two brothers seeking to resurrect their dad for one last day together. Better get out the tissues… […]

What the New Batsuit Tells Us about ‘The Batman’ | Rotten Tomatoes

Matt Reeves recently dropped a screen test of Robert Pattinson in the new Batsuit for the upcoming 2021 reboot ‘The Batman’! What secrets do the […]
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