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Wes Anderson’s The Shining

I noticed how Wes Anderson and Stanley Kubrick frame their shots in a similar way – this was the result: “The Grand Overlook Hotel”! Special […]

Ciao Lola

I made this short film in Venice in August of 2016.  Starring Jane Levy as Lola and Thomas McDonell as Peter. also featuring: Alberto Baraghini […]

Working With Jigsaw

No one did a background check?

Everything Is Okay | 001 | Robot

A better you is just a click away. *** Everything Is Okay In this darkly comic new digital series, a young woman navigates her way […]

Life without Stuff

In a world where seemingly mundane objects mysteriously vanish without warning, Life Without Stuff highlights (with astonishing scientific accuracy) what life would be like without […]


Private moments. Public toilets. #PracticeSafeTexts

Single Dad

A Single divorced Dad tries to put aside his selfish needs to be a good dad to his two boys for the day. Directed by: […]

Thunder Road

Officer Arnaud loved his Mom. The Feature Film, Now on Prime:

No Other Way To Say It

Director Tim Mason pulls the curtain back on the glamorous world of advertising in this short comedy about a voiceover actor trying to nail the […]

Time Travel Lover

// presented by partizan films ( // directed by bo mirhosseni ( // written by elisha yaffe ( // starring stephanie hunt, craig anton, and […]

Tangents – Short Film

All is fair if love is war. A middle aged couple spark an argument over something small that spirals into their deep-seeded pet peeves and […]