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Caesar’s Dying Wish

Caesar finds a way his name can live on for eternity. Director – Alex Cooper Writers – Tom Blackwood & Alex Cooper Caesar – Alex […]

Bindle Bros. Business Company Profile

Business Company presents its latest installment of Smart Up profiling Brooklyn’s newest start-up, the premiere locally grown, naturally fallen, artisanal bindle bag company — Bindle […]

The Journey

An animation I made in my last year at art school. It’s about many things, but chiefly the creative process. It stars Jose Fatkinson and […]

Weekend Warriors

Bobby Reddick’s fun-filled weekend in the Canadian part-time army comes to a halt when his camp receives an urgent distress call. Contact:, Follow […]

Father’s Son

A young fishboy and his birdude friend must choose between the satanic babes by the cliffs and the open road ahead. short film by Kevin […]


Understanding is the first step to acceptance, and only with acceptance can there be recovery. — Starring ALANA JOHNSTON & HOLLY PRAZOFF Written & Directed […]

Carol has never been kissed

One kiss from her true love and legs she would sprout…but true love was hard with a face like a trout.


BRETT GELMAN CHIP BENT SUSIE ABRAHAM Written and Directed by Michael Langan Produced by Najeeb Tarazi Executive Producer Nick Read Associate Producer Katia Nicolova Production […]

Night Falls on Loserville

Three friends go for a night out in their small slice of sweet suburban paradise.


After offending someone at a party, Andy goes to desperate measures to prove his innocence. STARRING: Josh Rabinowitz, Jackie Zebrowski, Kevin Barnett, Sarah Dooley, Sabrina […]