We decoded the royal baby traditions from Queen Elizabeth to Lilibet Diana

The Royal Family has a long list of customs it follows for pregnancies, births, and children’s upbringing. We decoded some of them.

Caterpillar fungus, the world’s most valuable parasite, can cost up to $63,000 per pound

Caterpillar fungus has been used in traditional herbal medicine for many centuries but has gained popularity in recent decades. Its increased usage has subsequently driven […]

Footage shows unruly passengers fighting on planes and at airports across the US

As summer travel returns, cell phones videos show ‘unruly’ passengers fighting with flight attendants mainly due to differences over mask policy.

How NASA’s $3.5 billion idea could save Earth from a supervolcano apocalypse

If Yellowstone’s supervolcano erupted today, the consequences would be catastrophic. And while experts say that an eruption this century is very unlikely, NASA scientists performed […]

Testing long-lasting waterproof at-home lash extensions

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Physical therapists debunk 14 more myths about exercise and fitness

Physical therapists Dr. Wesley Wang and Dr. Stacie Morris debunk 14 myths about fitness and exercise. They explain why soreness doesn’t equal a successful workout, […]

WATCH: Video shows the ‘ring of fire’ solar eclipse lighting up the sky across the world

In the Northern Hemisphere, people saw a “ring of fire” solar eclipse on Thursday as the moon passed directly in front of the sun.

8 Movies That Accurately Represent Chinese Americans

Film buffs Nancy Wang Yuen, Jeff Yang, Valerie Soe, and Oliver Wang highlight the best examples of Chinese American representation in film.

This spray-on foot peel works in 60 seconds

Foot-peel masks have taken over the internet in the last year. With the inability to make it to nail salons, people are turning to at-home […]

Inside a Swedish H&M store where recycling machines are making new clothes from old fabric

Fast-fashion retailer H&M bets clothing recycling could eventually solve some of the industry’s biggest environmental problems. But can the company solve the problem it helped […]

WATCH: A herd of elephants traveling hundreds of miles through China trots through city streets

A herd of elephants is traveling hundreds of miles through China. The 15-member group has been caught on security cameras trotting down urban streets at […]

How the anti-vaccination movement took root in America

About 24% of Americans don’t want to get vaccinated. So why, at a time of such great need, has faith in vaccines fallen so low?