Refinishing a peeling burl-wood desk

Serpentine Lines refinishes and resells furniture. The owner, Desiree McLean, is refinishing a vintage burl-wood desk. She cleans, sands, and oils the desk until it […]

How 3 Expensive Silks Are Made

Across the southern part of Asia, craftspeople carefully extract and process silk from lotus flowers, silkworms, and muga cocoons. Although each process is different, extracting […]

What Java, Indonesia looks like after a powerful 5.6 magnitude earthquake

A powerful earthquake struck Indonesia’s main island of Java on November 21st, killing over 160 people and injuring 700 in Indonesia.

10 functional clothes and accessories for holiday gifting

We’ve compiled a list of functional accessories for the style enthusiasts in your life. Heels that convert into flats allow a midday change without the […]

How roads are removed and repaved

American Pavement Specialists, LLC, is an asphalt contractor company. It’s a family-owned and -operated business servicing New York and Connecticut. It works mostly on commercial […]

How keys are duplicated

Arlon Boyd works for his family business, Lake Hardware. He uses an Ilco Orion machine to duplicate keys. The machine traces the original key while […]

How people risk their lives digging up homemade bombs in Iraq

Falah Hassan is a trained deminer who has removed some of the thousands of improvised explosive devices, or IEDs buried in Iraq after the war […]

Leatherworker revives Red Wing boots with new sole and dye job

Awl Together Leather is Canada’s first and only queer- and woman-owned shoe-repair and custom-leather workshop. Co-owner Ariss walks us through how they update a pair […]

Chemical bath turns copper and silver jewelry black

Oxidation is a process in which elements lose electrons. When this happens to metals, their color tarnishes, resulting in a visible change. Common jewelry metals […]

Artist makes hyperrealistic food-inspired handbags

The Netherlands-based artist-designer known as Rommy de Bommy handcrafts hyperrealistic food-inspired accessories out of a top-secret clay formula. Rommy’s most popular designs are her purses, […]

ASMR clay recycling

Molly Sanyour is an artist who creates ceramics out of recycled clay. Any unfired clay can be recylcled and used again. For more, visit: www.mollysanyourceramics.comhttps://www.instagram.com/mollysanyourceramics/https://www.patreon.com/mollysanyourceramics

Dessert wax melts

Ashley and her husband, John, have owned and operated The Starlit Corner since 2016. They specialize in creating wax melts that look like desserts and […]