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Directors’ Cuts: “Paradoxe” by André and François – NOWNESS

The Paris-based duo tell a tale of freedom and solitude featuring French superstar Shy’m. Read the feature on NOWNESS –

Directors’ Cuts: “Born Again” starring Vicky McClure by Paul Gore – NOWNESS

This Is England star Vicky McClure stars in a tense psychological drama. Read the feature on NOWNESS –

Directors’ Cuts: “Gravity” by Nicolas Provost – NOWNESS

Belgian filmmaker and visual artist Nicolas Provost gets flashy with classic screen kisses including from Alfred Hitchcock’s Vertigo. Read the feature on NOWNESS –

Directors’ Cuts: “Run” by Victor Pakpour – NOWNESS

A dark electronic track accompanies a snapshot of sunny California. Read the feature on NOWNESS –

Directors’ Cuts: The Faint: “Desperate Guys” – NOWNESS

Award-winning filmmaker Ace Norton, who has directed videos for LCD Soundsystem, Sébastien Tellier and Death Cab for Cutie, offers this lost video for indie rockers […]

Directors’ Cuts: Hannah Wants and Chris Lorenzo: Rhymes – NOWNESS

London-based director Ivana Bobic gets kinky with a techno montage. Read the feature on NOWNESS –

Opening this note handed to me in class over a decade ago.

My friend gave me this note in class, and I waited over 10 years! New Zealand time, by the way. I opened it exactly when […]

Jumping from 128,000 Feet!

We found the world’s craziest base jumps and work our way up to the highest drop from space. Don’t try any of this at home […]

Shocking Footage Shows Army Lt. Pepper-Sprayed During Traffic Stop | NBC Nightly News

Army Lt. Caron Nazario was dressed in uniform when he was pulled over by two Virginia police officers in December. The encounter escalated when the […]

Congressman Opens Up About Post-Traumatic Stress After Jan. 6 Insurrection | NBC Nightly News

NBC News’ Hallie Jackson sat down with Rep. Dan Kildee, who took that familiar photo of officers with their guns drawn in the House chamber, […]

What’s inside a wasp’s nest?

A wasp’s nest is a complex structure that is a specialized nursery for all aerial-nest-building wasp species. These nests are easily identifiable — most of […]